Titan Tracker 

Seguidor solar de disco parabólico Stirling

Seguidor solar para HCPV, CPV, HELIOSTATO y PV


TITAN TRACKER has been selected for Spanish Patent and Trademark Office in the assortment of patents in the virtual exposition '200 years of patents'



TITAN TRACKER has been included in "The Future of the Industrial Property" gallery of this exposition due to its innovative and cutting edge solar tracking technology.


March 23rd, 2011

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) www.oepm.es in cooperation with University Autonoma in Madrid, has just open a virtual show entitled: ‘200 years of patents'. Each gallery consists of an assortment of the most interesting patents from databases of the OEPM. It can be visited the following galleries: history of OEPM, great inventors, innovative entrepreneurs, artists and humanists, inventions, patents from women, curious patents and "The future of the Industrial Property"

The show is already available on line in the following link:



TITAN TRACKER has been included in the gallery of "The future of the Industrial Property" due to its simple and clear technology for dual axis solar tracking system. Several Spanish R&D and technology based firms as well as Titan have been included in this exposition such as CSIC, Gamesa, University of Valencia, Seat, University of Catalunya, Talgo, UCM, EADS-CASA, Airbus and others.


TITAN TRACKER, S.L. is a technology-based company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of dual-axis solar trackers, high concentration (HCPV) and thermal (CSP) tower and Stirling dish. Business model is focused mainly on licensing agreements.

Further information:  

Carlos García                          +34 925 770418          
 Mª Jose de Concepción               +34 913 496 841 






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