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TITAN TRACKER a pioneer in the Stirling dish development

TITAN TRACKER has developed a Stirling dish concentrator that combines the highest performance with a significant cost reduction in the utility-scale concentrating solar installations.

June, 24th 2009

TITAN TRACKER, a Spanish based technology firm specialized in manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis solar trackers has just developed, under its industrial property rights, a Stirling dish concentrator: the model 125-124 ATR STIRLING, specifically designed for utility-scale Concentrating Solar Power (CSP)

Each structure includes two parabolic dishes with a high reflectance-mirrors surface of 62 m2 This new development shares the advantages of the concept patented by TITAN TRACKER which were successfully applied for high concentrating: extreme accuracy, better than 0.01º, and high reliability thanks to its geometry and continuous tracking, avoiding high stress produced by thousands of starts and stops needed in mounted-pole trackers.

The cost efficiency of this dish concentrator makes possible the construction of utility-scale solar plants at a reasonable cost. TITAN TRACKER offers licensing agreements for a local manufacturing to developers or EPC firms interested in this technology.

This new technology will be launched for the first time at Intersolar (USA) in San Francisco from 14th to 16th next July.

More information at: www.titantracker.com


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