Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV


TITAN TRACKER and JIMÉNEZ BELINCHON have just signed a strategic Alliance

TITAN TRACKER, a solar tracker  technologist, licensed for manufacture and marketing of trackers in Europe and Central America, to JIMENEZ BELINCHON, supplier of steel structures and engineering of solar projects on a turnkey basis.

March 17th, 2009

TITAN TRACKER, S.L. and JIMENEZ BELINCHON, S.A. (JBSA) have signed a strategic agreement that gives to JBSA a license to manufacture and commercialization of these solar trackers throughout Europe and Central America.

The technology of TITAN TRACKER is characterized by the 3D structure, the independence between driving and structure, its geometry with five support points and the location of the motor-gears in the outer sides. With this design, TITAN TRACKER allows optimal performance in production (45% higher than fixed systems at 40 degrees latitude) and reliability (similar to fixed installations)

JIMÉNEZ BELINCHON S.A. is a leader in engineering, development and manufacture of all types of metal structures in the power sector, telecommunications, lighting and lighting and renewable energy. Performs turnkey operation and maintenance. (www.jbsa.es)

Within the renewable energy sector, JIMÉNEZ BELINCHON, S.A. offers solutions, promotion and construction of solar plants on roof and ground-mounted, biodiesel plants, electrical and thermal energy from biomass, biogas and use of Micro-CHP.

TITAN TRACKER, S.A. is a technology-based company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of dual-axis solar trackers, high concentration (HCPV) and thermal (CSP) tower and disk Stirling. In the first year of launch of this technology it has been completed more than 15 MW in Spain, highlighting the involvement in projects of the ISFOC  www.isfoc.com  an international reference in R&D of CPV technologies.


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