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TITAN TRACKER launches new models of dual-axis tracking technology

TITAN TRACKER has just developed two new models of solar trackers with a maximum height adjustable, specifically designed in order to reduce the visual impact of the solar parks both flat-plate and concentrating.

March, 15th 2009

TITAN TRACKER, a based technology firm specialized in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis trackers, has just developed two new models of solar trackers: 125-120 ATR, for flat-plate; and 125-120 ATR PRECISION, for concentrating solar installations.

These models are specifically designed for solar parks located in some areas with environmental restrictions such as visual impact, since it is included a system in order to adjust the maximum height of the tracker according to the needs of the location. These trackers are calculated for a wind speed of 125 km/h at any position of the panel boards, have a max surface of 124 sqm for modules.

These new products also include the highest performance and technological advantages of the TITAN's concept, among others, more energy production up to 45% more than fixed systems (40º North latitude); reliability similar to fixed systems, and cost-effective in the life cycle of the solar installation.

These models of solar trackers will be presented for the first time during Solar Expo fair in Verona (Italy) which will be held in next May during 5th to 7th.

Further information:  www.titantracker.com  


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