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TITAN TRACKER finishes a CPV project in the ISFOC

TITAN TRACKER has just finished the commissioning of the solar tracker for concentrating solar (CPV) in the ISFOC facilities. This cutting-edge technology provides a customized accuracy better than 0,01 degrees, and it is possibly the most accurate and reliable solar tracker around the world.

January, 15th 2009

TITAN TRACKER, a technology-based firm specialized in the manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis solar trackers, has just completed with remarkable success the commissioning of its solar tracker 122-219 ATR PRECISION which offers high reliability and extreme accuracy.

TITAN TRACKER is mainly characterized for the stiffness of its structure, its geometry with five supports and the location of the driving system. Moreover, in the case of CPV technology, it makes a continuous movement, whereas the rest of the trackers make it intermittent, with thousands of starting and stops every day, producing large stress which compromises seriously its reliability.

The main results will be presented in the CPV Summit, an International Conference about concentrating solar technologies, which will take place in San Diego, California USA next February 2009.

This project has been as result of the cooperation between TITAN TRACKER, ISFOC - Institute of high concentrating photovoltaics- www.isfoc.com and AGECAM -Agency of Energy in Castilla-La Mancha Region- www.agecam.es

Further information:  www.titantracker.com  


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