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TITAN TRACKER TECHNOLOGY: New world efficiency record of Stirling Power Converter

December,4th 2012

We are pleased to inform you of the latest achievements of TITAN TRACKER Technology.

Our TITAN TRACKER for Parabolic Dish Concentrator has been used in a breakthrough development of Ripasso Energy, that has commissioned the first units of their Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant with parabolic dish and Stirling Power Converter (SPC) in Upington, South Africa. During the initial operation a new solar-grid-quality-electricity efficiency world record of 32 % has been achieved for a 30 kW converter.

Ripasso Energy selected TITAN TRACKER proprietary technology. The model used in this project is the 125-228 Stirling, with 114 m2 of collector surface on each dish. TITAN TRACKER technology has demonstrated its ability to handle a very high load at the focus of the parabola, with very low deformations which has allowed at the beginning to achieve that record.

The stability, stiffness and accuracy of TITAN TRACKERs have been a key issue for the success of this development.

Find attached the press released from Ripasso Energy for more information on this breakthrough development.  

TITAN TRACKER is a technology based firm specialized in the design, manufacturing and commercialization of dual-axis trackers for PV, Concentrating (CPV) and Concentrating Solar Power (CSP); Heliostats and Parabolic Dish Concentrator.


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