Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV


¿How much land (Ha / acres) is it necessary to install 1 MW with Titan trackers?

Each tracker requires about 1,200 to 1,300 m2 of ground with a criteria design of 11,5º (East-West) and 16,5º (North-South) with a complete dual-axis tracking. Hence, it is required about 4 to 4.5 Ha (10 to 11 Acres) to complete 1MW solar park, depending on the module (flat PV). A complete 2-axis tracking requires more land but, in turn, you get much more energy. It is worthwhile since price of extra land is much lower than extra energy output you will get as a cash-flow every year.

¿Is Titan tracker valid for any ground even slope terrain?

Titan tracker is valid for any ground even slope terrain. The foundations are minimal due to there being no bending moments (such as in mounted-pole systems) and hence important savings in materials (up to 35% less concrete and 85% less steel) can be achieved. Formwork is not needed, thereby reducing the need for specialized staff. The track does not require any ditches or excavation, and is constructed directly on the ground. Therefore, you can use all these great savings for preparing the ground as terraces if necessary.

¿What if there is any sand, dust or ice in the surface of the raceway?

The tracker has a patented mechanism which allows for adaptation to possible irregularities in the track, thereby avoiding any possible errors due to an uneven surface. At any time, all drive wheels are on the ground. For this reason sand, dust, ice or even small stones do not affect. You can check this in some videos.

¿Uneven surface in the raceway can affect to the tracking accuracy?

The requirement of flatness in the raceway is +/- 20 mm for conventional PV and +/- 10 mm (advisable +/-3 mm) for CPV & CSP. This allows making a low-cost construction of the Titan tracker compatible with high accuracy as well. High tracking accuracy is only relevant for CPV & CSP. For Stirling tracker uneven surface does not affect to the accuracy since the optical sensor detects such irregularities and the close-loop control corrects continuously the tracking.


¿What is the energy yield by using Titan trackers?

Energy yield with TITAN TRACKER is much higher than other dual-axis solar trackers in the market, 45% more than fixed systems (30 degrees tilt to South) in 40 degrees North latitude. As reference, we have a real track record of 2.295 KWh/KWp with complete 2-axis tracking in Toledo located in 40 degrees North latitude (Spain) from 01/10/2008 to 30/09/2009. This can be demonstrated with the bills of Spanish utility company IBERDROLA under request.

You can check radiation gain on line, please ask for login and password in

¿Why Titan trackers provides accuracy better than 0,01 degrees?

TITAN TRACKER is possibly the most reliable and accurate tracker around the world. Accuracy is a critical parameter for high concentrating photovoltaic (HCPV) TITAN TRACKER provides adjustable accuracy, better than 0.01 degrees (control + drive system), thanks to the stiffness and rigidity of its 3D structure, geometry based on five supports and the location of the motor gears in the outer sides (with a long lever) TITAN TRACKER is the only solution in the market which includes extreme accuracy, high capacity, reliability and cost-effective at the same time.

TITAN TRACKER for HCPV is the only one which makes a CONTINUOUS tracking in azimuth. Other trackers make an intermittent movement with thousands of daily starts and stops, seriously compromising its reliability. All these issues make the TITAN TRACKER as ideal choice for CPV.

You can ask for a real track record of accuracy and technical assessment report.

¿How long is the installation process with Titan trackers?

As reference, the tracker model PTK-216 FPV (31-32 KWp on average for conventional PV) requires about 40 man hours including the modules. It can be provided pre-mounted (most steel sections with screws) in order to reduce the installation process. Specialized staff and special facilities (big cranes) are not required. The module installation is also cost-effective, easy, quick and secure, since its exclusive screw-less system does not require special facilities.

¿How much is the O&M cost using Titan trackers?

Titan tracker has been designed for reducing the O&M activities with the use of technical materials free-of-maintenance. It is only need of lubrication in the pushing spindle once each 2-4 months, taking less than 5 minutes per tracker. Full design documentation, vendor lists, quality specs, and ordering instructions in the O&M Guidelines. Titan tracker has a background of more than 15,7 million of hours in operation.

All components are low-cost, standard and available in the local stores. Moreover, all of them are easily accessible and can be replaced with standard tools and non-specialized staff. The motor gears and microcontroller can be replaced in less than 5 minutes.


Which is the price of the Titan Tracker on average?

By using Titan trackers, you will get maximum energy output since it is possibly the most reliable and profitable 2-axis tracker in the market. Financial models are more sensitive to the extra annual cash flow than upfront investment. Pricing depends mainly on quantity, model, technology, etc. but just for your reference; please request us for a quotation. We can supply directly or through our network of licensees around the world.

Our business model is based on licensing agreements: we provide detailed manufacturing drawings, technical support and know how so that you can manufacture locally for a pipeline of solar projects. Licensing is the most cost-effective business model. If this model makes sense for your company; please ask us for general terms & conditions.

How much is the energy consumption with Titan trackers?

Energy consumption parameter is a really difficult to define since it depends on many issues such as location, latitude, wind loads, etc. As reference, the tracker model PTK-216 FPV (31-32 KWp on average for conventional PV) requires about 0,50 KWh per day.

Which is the size of your Titan trackers?

We have two standard sizes of solar trackers with available surface of 130 sqm and 216 sqm for all solar technologies but our solution is completely scalable. Depending on the technology the power on average is 19 KWp and 32 KWp (conventional PV), 25 KWp and 45 KWp (concentrating PV) and 2x10KW and 2x30 KW for Stirling.

Do you have any references in utility scale solar projects?

Titan tracker is currently in operation in one of the biggest solar parks using 2-axis tracking in Spain. Some of our clients have carry out successfully assessment of our technology with well known firms specialized in technical due diligence. Titan tracker has been as technology provider in several "project finance" for utility scale solar parks with first class Spanish Banks such as Caja Madrid and La Caixa.

These days, Titan tracker is bidding for utility sclae solar projects, either directly or through our current licensees . We are having conversations to reach licensing agreements for India, Italy and USA. Please ask us for contact details of our references.


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