Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV

Parabolic dish concentrator

TITAN TRACKER solar tracker concept, patented in October 2006, is very different from conventional designs of single pole and Carousel trackers, since it is the only solar tracker which has part of its structure in an advanced position: placed in front of boards or parabolas without casting shadows. This structure in the form of "nose" provides significant advantages, which are even more important in applications that require high accuracy and heavy loads.

In 2009, it was patented the concept for manufacturing the concentrator dish or structure for the parabolic reflector. This structure allows setting and adjusting on its own any mirror solution and forms the parabola only by means of straight and circular elements, avoiding the inherent complexity in any structure forming a parabolic curve.

Advantages of the Parabolic Dish Concentrator:

  • Extreme accuracy, better than 0.01° (control + drive system).
  • Maximum reliability and lifespan: Standard components easy to procure.
  • Continuous tracking movement which avoids the common daily thousands of start and stop maneuvers, preventing fatigue stresses in the structure and increasing the lifespan of the tracker.
  • High stiffness and stability: Five supports and 3D structure. Ability to recalculate for all wind conditions.

Parabolic Dish Concentrator brochure

Foto Solar Termoeléctrica Disco Stirling
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