Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV


TITAN TRACKER design offer reliability, accuracy and long lifespan at a very competitive price, allowing the development of HCPV technology.

TITAN TRACKER HCPV tracker meet the highest demands of module manufacturers.

TITAN TRACKER HCPV tracker advantages:

  • Competitive price: Due to Titan Tracker concept and our licensing business model, you may have a precision tracker installed at less than 0.27 €/w (Calculated with a module density of 225 W/m2).
  • Extreme accuracy, better than 0.01° (control + drive system).
  • Continuous tracking movement which avoids the common daily thousands of start and stop maneuvers, preventing fatigue stresses in the structure and increasing the lifespan of the tracker.
  • High stiffness and stability: Five supports and 3D structure. Ability to recalculate for all wind conditions.
  • Maximum reliability and lifespan: Independence between structure and driving system. Standard components easy to procure. 70% of the value of the tracker is its galvanized structure. Drive system value is a small part of the total tracker value.
  • Reduced maintenance: By using low maintenance components. 
Titan Tracker for CPV brochure
* Calculated according to Peterka formulation.
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