Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV

Business model


Titan tracker is focused mainly on License Agreements of its Industrial Property Rights (IPRs) including the following two relevant patents for solar applications:

  • Dual-axis solar tracking system
  • Parabolic dish concentrator



The License Agreement is the fastest way to enter the market:

  • Develop a new tracker may take a lot of money and time, without guarantee of success.
  • Titan solution is a tested and available technology
  • The international markets are growing rapidly
  • Buying a specialized trackers firm is not always feasible, and may not have IPRs.
  • There are a lot of successful cases of licensing in the industry



We can also supply directly solar trackers through direct sale, for all technologies.



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