Titan Tracker 

Parabolic dish solar tracker for Stirling

Solar tracker for HCPV, CPV, Heliostat and PV

Solar trackers for all technologies: HCPV, CSP, PV.
New patented geometry.

Titan Tracker is a proprietary technology for the dual-axis solar tracking.

Titan Tracker has solar trackers available for all technologies: CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) for both central tower receiver and Stirling thermal engine, CPV and HCPV (high and low concentrated PV) and PV (photovoltaic).

As well as direct supply of trackers, Titan Tracker can grant manufacturing licenses (patent and technology transfer).



TITAN TRACKER for CSP technology. Heliostat for central receiver solar plant.

TITAN TRACKER for high concentration photovoltaic technology (HCPV)

TITAN TRACKER for CSP technology. Solar parabolic dish concentrator for Stirling.

TITAN TRACKER for photovoltaic (PV).


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